Physics for Android

So the first thing I went to do having some free time was to implement the 2D Verlet integration physics tutorials by Benedikt Bitterli (in German) in Java for my Android Phone.

A quick recap of how it works:

All physics are fully based on simulating particles which can then be linked by spring constraints. Each time step we update every particle by looking at its old and new position which results in some speed, and we add forces like gravity.

The springs connect 2 particles and we check whether the distance between those 2 particles is different from the desired spring size. If that is the case, we move them apart or tear them together.

Combining several springs lets us shape simple objects, in my implementation there's a predefined box and triangle, but you can add whatever polygon you like. But remember, only convex objects work with the collision detection.

Collision detection is implemented as proposed in the "Separating Axis Theorem", meaning if we can find a line which separates the 2 objects then they do not collide. Otherwise we need to find out about how deep and where they penetrate so we can perform collision response. That means moving the particles according to the penetration depth. Because we're using Verlet integration this forces the whole object to move and rotate.

And as Android Phones do have an accelerometer, we're checking the direction in which gravity acts on the phone and use this direction (projected to the screen) as gravity on our objects - so they fall to whatever side of the phone faces the bottom!


(probably best is to right-click and save)

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