About me

Working as research assistant to Michael Goesele

Besides my studies in Computer Science I am working at the GRIS - GRaphical Interactive Systems - department of our University TU Darmstadt which is in close relation to the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research in Darmstadt. We are developing 3D reconstructions using MultiView-Stereo algorithms and try to render the results to present a nice 3D expression. Furthermore we're developing CUDA programs - often together with the molecular biologists.

See http://www.gris.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/~mgoesele/index.html

OpenGL instructor at Big Nerd Ranch

In April 2009 and March 2010 I taught OpenGL programming together with Prof. Jay Anderson for Big Nerd Ranch - Intensive classes for programmers. That was really fun and I hope we will be able to offer this course in the next years again.

Being a hobby programmer for pretty long now, I've started a lot of projects and completed some of them :) Here's some info about what I did or do.



One of my biggest projects is maintaining the famous OpenGL tutorial site NeHe together with Luke Benstead aka Kazade. We've been recruited as a NeHe-Dev team a long time ago and have been working answering questions and writing new tutorials since then. That's our way to appreciate the great OpenGL knowledge base Jeff Molofee (aka NeHe) collected and where we started learning about game programming.


Some time ago I wrote wiki-articles about the progress of my 3D Engine, some OpenGL and FLTK how-to's and I collected information for my graduation from the German kind of high-school: OpenGL Wiki


I am member of the GD.net Editorial Review Board, proof reading and validating articles about graphic programming and physics simulation.

Book: Beginning OpenGL Game Programming SE

Luke Benstead aka Kazade - the guy I maintain the NeHe site with - wrote the 2nd edition of "Beginning OpenGL Game Programming" and I was his technical editor. It was a great experience and the book is definitely worth reading for everyone new to OpenGL programming with respect to games and wanting to learn about cutting edge OpenGL 3.x features! 

Old Page: 3D-Caste

This is the home of my old 3D-Engine, it was still developed on Windows and I just started learning about GLSL these days, but I think it's still worth being mentioned :D - 3dcaste.chaubold.de

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