iPhone 12 Pro wide angle lens vs. iPhone 7
11/06/20 • Carsten Haubold

I took my new iPhone 12 out for a walk and compared the camera to my iPhone 7

Getting to know Rust
10/21/20 • Carsten Haubold

My notes about Rust, updated from time to time while I read through the pretty well written Rust-book.

The social dilemma - the omnipresent data collectors
10/09/20 • Carsten Haubold

Several movies and documentaries are currently digesting that the social media websites are "harvesting" data from its users, and how that data is already used to manipulate the public opinion. Are democracies doomed?

C++ and the choice between references and pointers
09/30/20 • Carsten Haubold

Whether a function accepts a reference or a pointer as argument makes a difference - only the pointer can be nullptr

Pico Setup
09/29/20 • Carsten Haubold

Setting up Pico took longer than expected