iPhone 12 Pro wide angle lens vs. iPhone 7

11/06/20 • Carsten Haubold

Yay, today I received my iPhone 12 Pro! Unboxing... not shot on iPhone. And yeah, I should have cleaned the iPhone 7's screen ;)

Obviously I was very curious what the camera is capable of, so I took some comparison shots with the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 7.

So here are the impressions of a first walk at sunset, comparing both cameras. I did not have much time so I did not change any settings, this is just what Apple's camera app does by default when you press the shutter. To make it a fair comparison, I only used the wide angle lens of the iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone 7

iPhone 12 Pro

The image quality coming out of the iPhone 12 is pretty stunning out of the box! But where it really starts to shine, is in low light situations like in the last row. And that was without engaging the new night mode.

The night mode allows to capture longer exposures, and hence lets you bring down the ISO and noise level.

iPhone 7

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro + Night Mode

Speaking of ISO levels: I find it interesting that in the scene above and below, the iPhone 12 uses much higher ISOs by default. Thus it produces noisier images than the iPhone 7. This can however be alleviated by choosing an app like ProCamera. with manual controls.

iPhone 7, ISO 100, 1/7s

iPhone 12 Pro, ISO 640, 1/40s

On the iPhone 7 I was always shooting LDR + HDR, because there were situations where I prefered the LDR image, but both are no match for the iPhone 12.

iPhone 7 LDR

iPhone 7 HDR

iPhone 12 Pro

Alright, time to play with it some more!